in. Silva eG summarizes the coniferous wood offer of its members to attractive, market-oriented large units and sells this wood on attractive terms to its customers.

Due to the concentration of supply and a professional, transparent, secure and rapid process in timber handling in. Silva strengthens competitiveness of forest owners and their self-help organizations. in. Silva eG secures its members the acceptance of small quantities at attractive conditions. In view of increasing concentration processes in the field of timber industry in. Silva contributes to obtain market access for even the smallest forest owners.

Shortly essentials:

  • purchase and sale of small wood quantities based on measurement and sorting determined by forest owner side
  • top prices also for small wood quantities
  • securing the supply of wood
  • assisting members in managing wood harvesting
  • bundling of wood offer for our customers, continuous supply
  • delivering wood directly to saw mills – ensuring quality and value of wood
  • active mobilization for continuous wood supply
  • reliable fulfillment of agreed delivery profiles