Prehistory of establishing the cooperative in. Silva eG was marked by experiences, forest owners and their forest associations had to make in marketing their timber.

Small amounts of wood, as incurred in particular small-scale private forest – and still incur today – were partially hardly deductible to customers in the sawmill industry. And if they could be sold, it was often only possible by accepting the economic disadvantage of the forest owner.

An additional factor for forest owners and their organizations increasingly were disadvantages in terms of reliability and service quality in the handling of timber sale. Wood remained  lying for long periods in the forest. This wood quality deteriorated. Supplied wood was not billed and paid for long periods. The forest associations as well as the forest owners lacked any information about planning and removal processes of the customers while they carried the risk of deterioration and economic loss on one side to an unreasonable extent.

The forest associations saw themselves confronted with the fact that their wood supply as a single organization for their customers in the sawmill industry was too small to negotiate about at eye level on satisfying conditions. That even more, as on customer’s side an enormous concentration process was ongoing.

Following these findings, the cooperative in. Silva eG was founded, which could bundle the wood quantities of its members far more at a higher level. Customers therefore also could be offered significantly improved services: summarized volume units were formed, the intensive processing of small quantities was re-organized by an appropriate – until today successful – marketing concept and wood now was delivered to customers directly to sawmill.

On 23rd of November 2004 in. Silva eG was founded by 30 forward-thinking individuals and organizations. Seven forest associations and forest companies joined together to improve their own situation in terms of market timber clearly. But also to provide the business with their customers on a long-term stable and reliable foundation for both sides.