Cooperative members

“In. Silva is our most important and most reliable partner to market timber. in. Silva provides stability on coniferous timber market. This is the best guarantee for a safe and smooth transaction. Therefore benefit also the smallest members of our forest association.”

WBV Aichach e.V., 2014, Germany


“In 2013 – for us by a local violent thunderstorm a disaster year – in in. Silva we have found a reputable partner, who supports us in our work any time reliable.”

FBG Bad Buchau und Federseegemeinden w.V., 2014, Germany


“The members oriented in. Silva eG is an approach in times of globalization of trade flows and consolidated education in the field of wood industry (quantity bundling, market price, safety), so that the small-scale private forest participation in the timber market is possible in the future.”

FBG Dillingen e.V., 2014, Germany


“A big thank-you for the successful and harmonious cooperation.”

von Finck’sche Forstverwaltung, 2014, Germany


“As a small forest association we benefit most on wood marketing by in. Silva. This allows us to address more intensively the service to our members.”

FBG Füssen e.V., 2014, Germany


“Common occurrence strengthens each individual forest association. in. Silva gives that idea and feels responsible for this purpose.”

FBG Günzburg-Krumbach e.V., 2014, Germany


“The WBV Kempten is initiator and founding member of in. Silva eG and proud of in. Silva has become so well in the last 10 years. Only a strong in. Silva gets us the marketability of private forest ownership.”

WBV Kempten Land und Stadt e.V., 2014, Germany


“in. Silva eG now has taken the role of market leader in the marketing of wood in private forests and it is not imaginable, that it couldn´t exist any more as a trading organization including professional processing organization in marketing wood.”

WBV Landsberg w.V., 2014, Germany

“After forest associations in. Silva eG is the next logical step for the bundling volumes of timber from private forests.”

FBG Marktoberdorf w.V., 2014, Germany


“in. Silva is the logical and necessary consequence of a contemporary development of forest associations in the context of structural change in the wood processing industry. Therefore, we were a founding member in 2004 and since that time we are involved with large amounts of marketing.”

FBG Memmingen e.V., 2014, Germany


“As a founding member, we are represented very well at wood market by the common cooperative of many forest farmers' associations.”

FBG Mindelheim w.V., 2014, Germany


“in. Silva eG is the right and necessary marketing organization in order to survive in the structural change of sawmill industry.”

FBG Neu-Ulm w.V., 2014, Germany


“in. Silva increases the marketability of private forest owners and provides stability on wood market!”

FBG Oberallgäu e.V., 2014, Germany


“FVOB and in. Silva: cooperation in wood marketing – bundling of timber volumes – ensuring the delivery of large enterprises of timber industry.”

Forstliche Vereinigung Odenwald Bauland FVOB eG, 2014, Germany


“As a founding member, we are still behind the idea and the objectives of in. Silva eG. A cooperative of forest owners, that enables us now to negotiate on an equal footing with our customers of timber industry and makes possible to increase value for our region.”

WBV Westallgäu e.V., 2014, Germany